Camping Trip – Cultus Lake

There’s nothing quite like a summer camping trip. Cultus Lake is the perfect distance from Vancouver to escape the rat race, but close enough to reach for a weekend. Plus, the glistening water and plentiful forest make for a relaxing getaway.

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Day Trip – Skydiving

Skydiving is on everyone’s bucket list from here to Newfoundland. However, the act of throwing oneself out of a plane just doesn’t seem that appealing on paper. The firm ground seems quite nice in comparison, but the time for wimping out has passed. This is why it’s time to suit up and make that leap of faith.

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Day Trip – Brohm Lake

With summer nipping at our toes, the sun is plentiful and weekends are never long enough. One place that should definitely make your summer list is Brohm Lake. The lake is best seen from a large, comical floating device or if you aren’t so adventurous, a kayak or stand-up paddle board.

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Day Trip – Keyhole Hot Springs

There is no need to spend a fortune on a fancy spa when there are natural hot springs out in the great outdoors. The hot springs pour boiling water fresh out the ground into four man made pools, with nothing but the sound of the raging river and a cool breeze to bother you. Whilst technically these hot springs are free, you will need to pay with a little bit of terror sweat.

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Day Trip – Joffre Lakes

British Columbians are spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking. Despite this, Joffre Lakes is one of the few that you’ll want to do over and again. The glacial-fed lakes are a vivid turquoise-blue and are surrounded by spectacular mountains and tall evergreen trees.

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Road Trip – Sea to Sky Gondola

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Day Trip – UBC & Wreck Beach

The University of British Columbia doesn’t seem like the first choice for a day trip in Vancouver, but don’t be confused by its academia. The campus is beautiful, with stunning views over the harbour (or harbor, or something). On a hot day the flowers surge with color, the ocean sparkles in the distance, and the air is filled with a warm, gentle breeze. Continue reading “Day Trip – UBC & Wreck Beach”

Day Trip – Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a small inlet in the Indian Arm of the Burrard Inlet. Despite being only 30 minutes out of Vancouver, it has a small-town, beachy feel. Throngs of tourists visit on hot summer weekends, but there are a few ways to enjoy it despite the crowds. Continue reading “Day Trip – Deep Cove”

Road Trip – Fraser Canyon

It can be tough to find a decent road trip from Vancouver. If you want to do a round trip in a day, then there are only a couple of directions you can head. Whistler is a sure thing, but it’s more about the destination and less about the journey. The Fraser Canyon, however, will satisfy even the┬ámost wistful wanderer.

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